Meet Lyra. (lī′rə) Mechanical engineer by day; circus aerialist by night. Known to enjoy: fine teas, spending inordinate amounts of time upside down, riding her SV650S motorcycle, and employing ingenuity in unsuspecting circumstances. Known Aliases: Mecha Warrior Princess (MWP), Princess Lyra, <REDACTED>


Starting with K'nex, Lego Mindstorms, and every bit of structural material around the house, Lyra's latent mechanical engineering abilities became evident at an early age. She later honed them at MIT, before moving from Boston to San Francisco. On the west coast, she has worked in such diverse fields as clean energy, aerospace, product development, and giant fighting mechs.


A compulsive designer, Lyra creates things around her constantly. When she can't give a good enough reason for why they exist, they fall into the category of Art. Along with smaller pieces, she attempts to maximize her time spent upside down and in the air by making large, climbable art and then playing on it. The perfect meeting ground of her engineering and performance careers.


Since starting dance at an early age, Lyra has never stopped moving. Her background is in circus, theater, dance, and track, but she has never skipped the opportunity to learn new skills. The result is a complex, unique form of performance that is both novel and versatile.