MegaBots, Inc.

Senior Mechanical Engineer and Mechwarrior Princess

Giant. Fighting. Robots. As part of a high-octane, high-tech team, Lyra is designing and building a $2.5M, 10-ton, 16ft-tall combat mech. The Mark III will compete in August 2017 against the Japanese mech, Kuratas. Beyond engineering, Lyra's role includes representing the future of robot combat at events and on TV/ the internet. Projects led include roll cage, torso chassis, armor (protective and cosmetic), and hydraulic design. Blending live-action entertainment, science fiction, and real-world engineering, MegaBots is creating the sport of the future.

Structural Engineering - CAD - FEA - Prototyping - Design for Fabrication - Aesthetic Design - Hydraulics - Fabrication - Actor