Current Projects

MegaBots MkIII. - Senior Mechanical Engineer and Mechwarrior Princess at MegaBots, Inc. Giant. Fighting. Robots. Design a $2.5M, 10-ton, 16ft-tall, combat mech with a high-octane, high-tech team. Represent the future of robot combat at events and on TV/ the internet. Projects led include roll cage, torso chassis, armor (protective and cosmetic), hydraulic design. Blend of live action entertainment, science fiction, and real-world engineering. 
Structural Engineering - FEA - Prototyping - Design for Fabrication - Aesthetic Design - Hydraulics - Fabrication - Actor


Hinge - Performer and Rigger with the Vespertine Circus. Interactive circus, inspiring the next generation of creators.
Aerialist - Rigger - Choreographer - Designer and Fabricator of an Animatronic Tiger

Orage - Lead Mechanical Engineer for Coup de Foudre. Giant lightning death machine that did not kill anyone. 20ft tall tesla coil. Participants controlled the bolts using mysterious artifacts inside lofted faraday cages. Displayed at the Exploratorium
Mechanical Design [structural and cosmetic] - Safety [mechanical, electrical, psychological] - Fabrication - Run Crew

Tensor - Artist [in collaboration with Alex Pesch]. Tensegrity shade structure of steel, dyneema, and lycra membranes. Surreal, elevated teahouse balancing tension and relaxation. Absurdly beautiful fittings.
Mechanical and Aesthetic Design - Fabrication - Build


C24 Keyboard and Accessories - Mechanical Design Engineer at Miselu. Made a portable, electric piano that folds flat into an iPad cover. Over 200 unique parts in a robust, complex electromechanical system.
Mechanical Design, including, injection molding and SLA printing - FEA - Materials - Contract Manufacturing, USA and China

Hackerscouts, Exploratorium's Girls Science Institute - Teacher/mentor for Ace Monster Toys /Exploratorium. Two programs designed to teach, mentor, and inspire kids to become self-actualized and STEAM-enabled.


Ardent Mobile Cloud Platform - Mechanical Engineer and Artist with Ardent Heavy Industries. Roving ‘Cloud’ car elevated 45ft in the air. Rated for riders, performers, and localized rain. Displayed at the California Academy of Arts and Sciences
Mechanical Engineering - Cosmetic Skin - Aerialist - OSHA Compliance

Dance Dance Immolation - Mechanical Engineer and Artist with Ardent Heavy Industries. DDR, with flame throwers. Players get submerged in real fire after too many missed moves. Pressurized suits and gas masks kept the humans safe.
Plumbing, Air and LPG - Transportation - Operation

Young Ladies’ Theatrical Flame Effect Device - i.e., flamethrowers. Personal project. A body-mounted, propane-fueled burner effect with individually-actuated solenoids allowing the user to control flames around their hands. The latest in a series of toys that also include a potato cannon and battlebot that won by wiping the opponent's’ brain.

Zero-Gravity 3D Printer - Mechanical Engineer for Made in Space, NASA Ames. First 3D Printer in Space! Fluid and thermodynamics in microgravity, safety protocol around hot plastics and metal in an oxygen-rich environment, and creating a material recycling system. All designs confidential due to ITAR restrictions.
Mechanical Design - FEA - Technical Writing

Swerve - Mechanical Engineer and Fabricator. Created high-end designer furniture and robot bones. Designed manufacturing flows with CNC equipment to efficiently produce thousands of parts.
Mechanical Design - CNC Programing - CNC Operation

Sailing Yacht Wild, Pacific Ocean - Transpacific Sailor. From New Zealand across Antarctic waters, around Cape Horn to Argentina. 10 crew members, 80ft racing sailboat, 26 days. Challenges included icebergs, polyphasic sleep, and injuries.


Backpacking through the world for 6 months - Itinerant Adventurer. Aiding flood relief in Bangkok, hitchhiking through New Zealand, and learning Spanish through immersion while trekking through Patagonia.

Makani Power - Mechanical Engineer and Fabricator. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that generate power when they fly crosswind. Wind turbines, but on tethers rather than towers.
Mechanical Design - Fabrication, including waterjet cutting and carbon fiber layups


MIT - Mechanical Engineering with a focus in Product Design. Relevant courses include: Advanced Product Design, Development Lab, Design and Manufacturing [2.007 Electrical Vehicle Team], Dynamics and Controls, Toy Product Design